Why UHF transmitters are better than FM bugs
Published: 12/3/09
When it comes to security and surveillance equipment it is important to make the right choice. Developments are taking place so fast that it is difficult for users to keep track of the different kinds of new and improved gadgets that are frequently released into the market.

Millions of dollars are spent on research and development of high tech spy equipment in order to better our security and surveillance standards. This is because we have to keep up with the high tech crimes of today and in order to bust the digitally aided criminals you need to have better and more powerful spy equipment.

Amongst the most commonly used spy equipment are wireless transmitters. The job of these devices is to transmit voices and sounds from a designated area and transmit them back to receiver. Over the years there have been many devices that have been used for the purpose. The wireless devices have only been getting better as they continue to evolve with the passage of time.

Traditionally the most trusted wireless voice transmitter was the FM bug which is used in almost all the instances where such a device was required. Today however consumers have the choice to go for UHF transmitters that have proven to be far more effective than their predecessors.

So what is the difference between FM bugs and UHF transmitters?

Although both devices have been configured to perform the same services there is a whole lot of difference between them in a lot of respects. First of all UHF transmitters are based on a totally different technology than FM bugs. Ultra high Frequency transmitters are much more advanced and able to perform much better than other wireless VHF devices.

One of the most striking differences between the two devices is in terms of size. The more powerful UHF transmitters are available in a much smaller design and are much lighter in weight as well. This is one of the things that are greatly valued by the consumers. This is because wireless audio devices like these are often used in discreet operations which require these transmitters to go by unnoticed. With the Ultra Miniature size of the UHF transmitters this aspect is guaranteed.

Let not the small size of the UHF transmitter fool you as to its powerful performance. This is the top of the line wireless transmitter and gives you a performance that you will never have witnessed with the FM bug. In terms of its reception range it stands unparalleled when compared to the FM bug and other VHF devices. The Ultra miniature UHF transmitter has the ability to pick up pin drops at considerable distances with ease.

Furthermore they are embedded with an automatic microphone gain control system that helps to maintain the audio quality by balancing out the loud and soft sounds in order to make them comprehensible for the listener. Hence we find that not only is this device better in terms of reception rather it is equally complimented with its audio quality.

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